BodyeCrackle. The MOST Advanced Anti-Cellulite Solution


Brand new in South Africa, the MOST Advanced Anti-Cellulite Solution brought to you with the Patented Crackle™ Technology.

BodyeCrackle™ is a revolutionary mousse that assists in improving the appearance of Cellulite and the ‘orange peel’ effect, using the innovative Crackle™ Technology.

The effective synergy of 12 Active ingredients, combined with the patented Crackle™ Technology provides rapid and deep penetration of the product, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness.

Active ingredients and 5 main Benefits:

  1. Activation and Improvement of Micro Circulation – Capsaicin
  2. Decongestion of tissues – Ivy, Birch, Asiatic Centella
  3. Antioxidant action – Green Tea
  4. Hydrating and soothing action – Aloe
  5. Metabolic stimulation of tissues locally – Carnitine, Brown Algae, Theobromine, Theophylline, Caffiene and Genistein