Dr. Christine Steyn

Medical Doctor

Dr. Christine Steyn. Medical doctor with a passion for beauty, medicine & art.

Dr Christine Steyn
Dr. Phoebe Nel & Dr. Christine Steyn

The Medical Practice

The medical practice is focused on a holistic approach. We spend quality time with patients to understand their needs.

Dr.Christine has been working in the field of aesthetic medicine since 2006. She is a leader in the field of aesthetic medicine in South Africa and loves to teach and share her knowledge through practical training workshops.

At her general medical practice in Bloemfontein, she is joined by Dr. Phoebe Nel. They are a fantastic team with a vision of expert healthcare & aesthetic skincare.

Aesthetic Services

Beati Medical Aesthetic Practice

Beati Medical Aesthetic Clinic

About me

Proud mom


I am a proud mom & wife! I love to sing, act & dance. My family are all involved in musical theatre at The Rabbit Theatre School in Bloemfontein, and we participate in shows twice a year. I am one of 3 singing siblings.


I love good & beautiful food. I enjoy a good cappuccino & wine. I really love cheesecake, chocolate cake, lemon meringue, peppermint crisp tart, and ice cream!


I keep fit by doing Pilates, walking, hiking & running. I enjoy nature & hiking. Mountain or ocean? Maybe mountains more…


I was a Captain in the military. I like a good challenge. I just love what I do every day.